Saturday - October 17

Our menu today has a lot of new things and some old favorites.

Let's start with the meal box which has 3 dishes

> Subz Pasanda. You have a base of clove, green cardamom, smoked chillies, turmeric, cashews, and other spices cooked with cashews, tomatoes and onions. They say if you want to understand North Indian cooking - you ought to know how to cook with onions properly. The onions here are sauteed till the point they get nice and golden, and only then are the tomatoes brought to the party.

> Daal - Lentils are and will be, comfort food. Today we're serving you Masoor daal. If I remember correctly from Wikipedia - Canada and India combined produce nearly 60% of the Masoor Daal for the world. The lentils are cooked in a homemade broth, and finished with a tomato and ginger gravy. Cooking the lentils in a homemade broth adds an extra layer of flavor into the lentils.

> Kaali Mirch Paneer -

> Bread/Rice -

> Dessert

> Papad

> Soup of the day

> Cookie -

> Brownie

> Coconut Laddu

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